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Friday, August 26, 2011

aiou solved assignment

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Compulsory English-I 
Code: 1424
Level:        B.A 
Assignment No.  1
For Semester Spring 2011

Q.1.  The following questions are based on unit 1. Read the unit carefully and the following questions briefly.
          i.        What is “Academic Writing”? Define it briefly.
          ii.       What is the “Descriptive” kind of essay?
          iii.      You have learned how to do “brainstorming” to narrow down a general or broad topic such as “My family”. Have you done exercise 2 in your tutorial session? If not, here is a chance to do it.
Read point no. 2, “Write an essay on media”. We have asked you to narrow down this broad topic. In your assignment make a brainstorming diagram similar to the ones we have given in the unit.
iv.     Now select one narrow topic from the brainstorming diagram that you have drawn and write a 250 word essay on that topic. Your essay should be of three (3) paragraphs divided into the following parts:
a.    An Introduction Paragraph.
b.    A body Paragraph.
c.    A Concluding paragraph.


(i)     Academic Writing
Generally academic writing refers to any writing done to fulfill a requirement of college or university. Thus it is the forms of expository and argumentative prose used by the university students and researchers to convey a body of information about a particular subject. Its characteristics include:

   A formal writing style that adopts a formal tone.
   Use of the third person rather than first person.
   Clear focus on the issue of topic.
   Precise word choice.
(ii)    Descriptive Kind of Essay

In a descriptive essay we write a person, thing or place is like. We organize the essay by defining different parts and aspects of the main subject.

(iii)   My Family

It consists of those people who are dear to you and who take care of you. If you have someone who can do everything for you and you can do the same. It is family. I think that the family in this point of view is one of the most important and precious thing of our life. The people who have no family are always lonely and scared. My family consists of six members, my Mom, my dad, my sister,   my two brother and myself.

iv.    (a)    Introductory Paragraph   MEDIA

Generally media refers to the means of communication. Television and Newspapers are two different types of media takes many forms in our world todays. It consists of both print and electronic devices used for advertising.

(b)    A body of Paragraph

We are living in media driven world where we all are influenced by the media message. Media plays an important role in setting the agenda of the public. The agenda setting role of media has been recognized worldwide.

 (c)    A Concluding Paragraph

Can you imagine any place or a city without media i.e. without television, radio or internet connection and newspaper? All these media facilities provide people awareness. These provide awareness of what is going around them. Media is a lethal weapon. It has four categories (i) Printing Media (ii) Audio Media (iii) Video Media and (iv) Computer.

It has following functions.
1.   Creation of awareness.
2.   Strength of democracy.
3.   Production of tolerance and understanding.

Q.2.  Read unit 2 “Sequence” carefully and then answer the following questions of solve the following exercises that are given in the unit.
          i.        Read the text “A Day in the Life of  a Nurse”. Do exercise 8 that is given in the unit. In this exercise you have to write the daily routine of Nurse Sarah in a proper sequence. Write only in form of sentences, DONOT, write a paragraph. Follow the example:
·     Sarah arrives at the nurses’ room at 7a.m.
     ii.       Read the text “The Evolution of Computers”. Do exercise 12 in which you have to list the transition signals or sequence markers that are used to show sequence in the text. Make a list of at least 5 sequences marks.
     iii.      Answer the 5 questions given at point no. 2 in the same exercise (Exercise 12).


1.   Sarah arrives at Nurses’ room at 7.00 a.m.
2.   She gets herself ready for the work.
3.   She reports to the doctor or in charge before starting the job.
4.   She gets information and instruction about patients under her treatment.
5.   She also receives the medical record of her first patient coming through emergency.
6.   She ten visits the first patients and verifies the medication patient is taking.
7.   She records here observation.
8.   Then she goes to second patient.
9.   She provides the patient treatment.
10.                     She sees the patients turn by turn.
11.                     She records the treatment, temperature, blood pressure etc. of every patient.
12.                     She prepares mendicant history of every patient.
13.                     After that she takes lunch.
14.                     And then she again performs the record of the word.
15.                     She sees at least 20 patients.
16.                     She submits the report of every patient to the doctor.

(ii)        Mention signals or sequence markers. Exercise 12
About, ago, at the birth of, two, with, on.

(iii)       Exercise 12 Point 2

(i)   The first form of computer started 2000 years ago.
(ii) The high speed electronic computer was built in 1946 and remained in use up to 1955.
(iii) Important discoveries were made in early 50’s.
(iv) Major turning point was the design and development of “Lare Machine 1960’s
(v)  In 1970, large range of applications and cheaper computer system were prepared against very powerful, single purpose computers. In 1980’s small size chip having a large number transistor was introduced. Personal computers were made which were very cheap.

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