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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

aiou master assignments

  5580-Managerial Economics
  5582-Policy Analysis and Implementation
  5583-Contemporary Administrative System
  5584-Disaster Management
  5585-Corporate Finance
  5588-International Marketing
  5599-Res Methodology for Management Decision
  5605-Urdu Criticism-I
  5606-Urdu Criticism-II
  5607-Urdu Poetry-I
  5608-Urdu Poetry-II
  561-Marketing Theory and Practice
  5615-Urdu Lit In Pakistani Period-I
  5616-Urdu Lit In Pakistani Period-II
  5617-Literature of Pakistani Languages-I
  5618-Literature of Pakistani Languages-II
  5619-arbi Zuban o adab
  562-Financial Management
  5620-arbi Zuban o adab
  5621-Persion Language & Literature-I
  5622-Persion Language & Literature-II
  5623-Journalism -I
  5624-Journalism -II
  5625-Print Media Part-I
  5626-Print Media Part-II
  5627-Electronic Media Part-I
  5628-Electronic Media Part-II
  5629-Res Methods in Mass Comm P-I
  5630-Research Methods in Mass Comm
  5635-Theories of Mass Communication
  5636-Theories of Mass Communication
  5637-Basic Concepts in Social Sciences
  5638-Basic Concepts in Social Sciences
  5645-Resource Sharing and Networking–I
  5646-Resource Sharing and Networking–II
  5647-Advanced Technical Operations–I
  5648-Advanced Technical Operations–II
  5649-Research Methods and Tech for Librarians–I
  565-Organizational Behavior
  5650-Research Methods and Tech for Librarians–II
  5655-Psy and Lang Teaching Methodology

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